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  • Farmer Dan Kuebler makes sauerkraut (video)

    (Originally published September 9, 2013; edited June 16, 2015) Until I met Dan Kuebler this spring, I didn’t really know the difference between store-bought, vinegar-processed sauerkraut and the real deal. ...

What’s Fresh in June

(Originally Published June 8, 2013) The uncommonly cold, wet spring we’ve experienced in mid-Missouri has, to put it mildly, presented some challenges to our farmers and gardeners. While many leafy greens have been enjoying the cool moisture, the heavy snows of March and torrential spring rains made the planting of other crops maddeningly difficult, and […]

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Vera Gelder cooks with honey (video)

(Originally published November 20, 2013) In this cooking video, the eighth of the MO Deep Roots series, Vera Gelder of Walk-About Acres in Columbia, Missouri, shows me how to make three dishes featuring the specialty of her farm: honey. Each of the recipes is very simple to make, requiring few ingredients, and all of them […]

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Savoring food memories

  (Originally published September 20, 2013) This time of year always reminds me of my Grandma Parker. Wandering through the farmers’ markets amid stacks of big, aromatic cantaloupes—or “mushmelons,” as she would have called them—I can’t help but remember her carefully slicing a small melon in half, scooping out the seeds, and sprinkling it liberally […]

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John Corn makes garden pesto (video)

(Originally published on September 26, 2013) Though I posted John’s recipe for his summer garden pesto here a few week ago, you have to take a peek at the video of John making it in his kitchen, with the help of wife Sandy, to get the full picture (see video below). First of all, you […]

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Swiss chard

Swiss Chard: The Queen of Greens

(Originally published May 18, 2013) You may have already noticed that I’m kind of fixated on greens. Part of that is the time of the year—leafy greens just rule in spring. They love cooler temperatures and grow quickly, so they’re abundant in farmers’ markets in spring, fall, even in winter if you’re lucky enough to […]

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