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Vera Gelder cooks with honey (video)

(Originally published November 20, 2013) In this cooking video, the eighth of the MO Deep Roots series, Vera Gelder of Walk-About Acres in Columbia, Missouri, shows me how to make three dishes featuring the specialty of her farm: honey. Each of the recipes is very simple to make, requiring few ingredients, and all of them […]

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Grilled Baby Carrot Salad by Chef Craig Cyr

(Originally published October 10, 2013) This wonderfully satisfying grilled carrot salad was created by Craig Cyr, co-owner and executive chef at the award-winning Wine Cellar and Bistro in downtown Columbia, Missouri. Chef Craig and his lovely wife Sarah—who also happens to be the sommelier at the Wine Cellar—invited me into their home early this summer […]

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Comfort in a bowl: my favorite soups, revisited

(Originally published October 10, 2014) We’re well into autumn, and though I’ve taken a break from this web site for the past few months, I have an abundance of previously published posts, recipes, and videos that are just right for this time of year. Soup is my very favorite thing to cook any time of […]

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“Soup Is Home”

(Originally published January 18, 2014) Grace Kenneth Collins is a storyteller with a passion for ­family traditions and family dinners. While still a high school senior in Balti­more County, Maryland, she published Sour Beef and Cheesecake: A Food and Family Memoir (2011). (The “sour beef” in the title refers to her Grandma Mickey’s famous sauerbraten.) This […]

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Simple Spaghetti Squash Skillet with Kale and Sausage (video & recipe), featuring Leslie Touzeau

(Originally published December 1, 2013) Now that you’re recovering from your post-Thanksgiving coma you’re thinking healthy, right? Maybe it’s time to knock back a few more veggies and clean out your system after that oh-so-pleasant but guilt-inducing overdose of carbs, fat, and sugar also known as Thanksgiving?  This simple one-skillet meal combines a few different […]

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Spring dreaming

(Originally published March 2, 2014)   Here we are again, just a few weeks before spring is supposed to officially begin, once again covered in a coating of ice, just waiting for the snow to follow. It feels like we’ve been living in black and white for the past few months, and I’m tired of […]

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Slow and savory vegetable beef soup

(Originally published January 7, 2014) Though winter weather can be a massive pain, there is some consolation for truly significant snowfall or record-setting low temperatures: the great American snow day. For many of us, all normal expectations and obligations are suspended, because let’s face it—if your driveway is buried in 6 inches of snow and the wind […]

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Drinking custard—a delicious way to kick off the holidays

By guest contributor Bernadette Dryden No other dish in my lifelong cooking repertoire brings fonder memories of Christmas, sense of place and family than does the recipe below. My mother made drinking custard every year during the holidays and served it alongside her fabulous date pudding or tall applesauce cake (drizzled with caramel icing and […]

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